Inserted Flier Advertising in Japan
The medium that attracts people's attention nowadays.

YOMIURI PR The executive managing director@@Masaaki Oishi



Outline of Yomiuri PR
2. Profile of Yomiuri PR
3. Strength of Yomiuri PR
4. Why Inserted Flier Advertising, Now?
5. Difference of Marketing between in Growth Period and Maturity Period
6. Merits of Newspaper Inserted Flier Advertising
7. Marketing Method of inserted Flier Advertising
  1. The first method is a setting of areas based on hypothetical business areas.
  2. The second method is to set areas by segmenting the targets.
  3. The third method is to set areas by response date and others.
8. Researches for setting client's target trade area

(1)@Geographical research
(2)@Consumer characteristic research
(3)@Competition research
(4)@Customer research
9. Actual Distribution of Inserted Flier Advertisement
10. Conclusion

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