1. Outline of Yomiuri PR

The company first started its activity as a public relations agency for the regional editions of the Yomiuri Shinbun and,since around 1962, newspaper-inserted flier advertising has been focused as the companie's major business.
Since then,Yomiuri PR has continued to expand its business in the field of the flier advertising as Japan's leading advertising agency in the field.
Yomiuri PR has been highly appraised for its ability in "area marketing" in the advertising industry.
The company's ability in thorough-going marketing and planning to determine the number of fliers to be inserted in newspaper and distribution areas excels others by far among Japan's advertising agencies.
And also I have to say that the strength of Yomiuri PR is based on high reliability of delivering fliers to newspaper-selling agents which, in turn, deliver the fliers and newspaper to subscribers.
Since inserted fliers are delivered to subscribers' home every day through newspaper sales network, it has a very important meaning to deliver such fliers to selling agents swiftly and without fail.
Thus, while Yomiuri PR is Japan's leading advertising agency in the field of flier advertising, it has also been growing substantially as an overall advertising agency which can also handle other mass marketing.
To obtain an advertising effect which clients desire most efficiently by skillfully combining area marketing with mass marketing. This is what Yomiuri PR is most good at. As we just described, Yomiuri PR has been conducting an advertising activity with full of originality among Japan's many general advertising agencies and it has obtained trust of many companies which represent Japan.

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