5. Difference of Marketing between in Growth Period and Maturity Period

Marketing in Growth Period
1. Marketing for expansion
2. Uniformity and standardization oriented
(Mass marketing)
3. Quantity (sales) oriented
4. Centering on tactics
5. Product oriented
(Strategy to differentiate products)
6. Technological value oriented
(Hardware oriented)
7. Competition among products and in same industry
8. Homogeneity oriented
9. Strength of individuals
10. Head office-centered organization
Marketing in Maturity Period
1. Marketing for maintenance
2. Diversification and individualism oriented
(Area marketing, target marketing)
3. Quality (profit) and share oriented
4. Centering on strategy
5. Market oriented and customer oriented(Strategy to divide market into fractions)
6. Information value oriented
(Software and service oriented)
7. Competition among companies and different industries
8. Heterogeneity oriented
9. Strength of organization
10. Decentralized organization
(Decentralization of authority)

Let us show you the table about difference of marketing between Growth and Maturity Periods.
As you can see, when Japanese economy expanded rapidly,(1)@marketing strategy should be for expansion, and (2)@mass marketing seemed to be very effective.
And ,besides,business was generally conducted in terms of (3)@quantity(sales) oriented,(4)@Centering on tactics,(5)@Product|oriented,(6) and technological value oriented way. Moreover, in this period, usually competition occurred among products and in same industry. Homogeneity oriented, Strength of individuals, head office-centered organization were also major characteristics of this period.
On the contrary, when Japanese economy entered into maturity period, marketing strategy turned into (1) for maintenance, and (2) area marketing or target marketing become rather effective. And also, Japanese people began to conduct their business in terms of (3) quality oriented, (4) centering on strategy, (5) customer oriented and (6) information value oriented way.
And in this period, competition usually occurred among companies (not products) and different industries. In comparison with the growth period, heterogeneity oriented, strength of organization, decentralization of authority can be featured as major characteristic of this period.

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