3. Strength of Yomiuri PR

Now,we would like to introduce some of the strong points of Yomiuri PR ,which are as follows:

First, the company has skillfully controlled Japan's nationwide newspaper-selling agents or the basis for inserted flier adverting for over 50 years. Secondly, since the company is equipped with unified management functions of marketing, production, printing, and delivery of inserted fliers, it can respond to various needs in any stage in an appropriate way. (For example,our company has two delivery companies as subsidiary.)
Thirdly,we have adopted a system of a team or a section for each advertiser and have established a system to completely avoid the leakage of advertiser's information to outside.
Fourthly, because we maintain a high level of both knowledge and experience especially in distribution industry which can be followed by none, we provide a thorough consulting to our clients.
Finally, our staff members in marketing and production are well versed in not only inserted flier advertising naturally but mass marketing in sales promotion and advertising as a whole.

4. Why Inserted Flier Advertising, Now?

Then, why inserted flier advertising is desired now? We would like to explain it in relation with area marketing.
Today, many companies in Japan pay attention to inserted flier advertising.
Naturally, inserted flier advertising is one of the advertising methods which has been conducted in Japan since several hundred years ago or since the Edo Era, and it has been conducted as a method of sales promotion called "chirashi" even in today's society.
In recent years, however, this inserted flier advertising has become to be considered as an extremely contemporary advertising method or medium which is more strategic or with immediate potential since the thinking of "area marketing" has been introduced.
In retrospect, a big change in recognition of inserted flier advertising began when Japan's market had entered into a period of maturity from so-called growth period.
During the high-growth period of the Japanese economy, demand increased in all parts of Japan year by year and products could be sold as many as possible if they were produced firmly. Under these circumstances, business focused on activity centering on products and a marketing strategy which uniformly regarded Japan as a single market was also sufficiently effective.
As the Japanese economy entered into a period of maturity, however, consumer's needs rapidly turned its direction toward "diversification".
At the same time, company's manufacturing had also reached to a very high level which resulted in almost no difference in quality of products among companies.
Thus, many Japanese companies have been forced to substantially shift their sales promotion strategy from uniform marketing in the period of high economic growth to further detailed marketing. And, one of the big themes in shifting strategy is "area".
Under these circumstances, inserted flier advertising has become to attract a big attention in recent years as a sales promotion method with high accuracy which is initiated with a thorough investigation of "area".

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