6. Merits of Newspaper Inserted Flier Advertising

Now we would like to point out the merits of newspaper inserted flier advertising. The flier advertising is a medium with very good cost performance when its impact on consumers and cost are considered. For,

(1) Firstly, the inserted flier advertising is very economical media.
We would like to mention about (Example of small quantity case.)
Average cost for B4 size inserted flier is 4 or 5 yen. And when we promote opening campaign for a medium sized convenience-store, we usually use 5,000 fliers for promotion. So this inserted flier advertising will cost 20,000 yen (5,000 by 4 makes 20,000).
And moreover, since now in Japan the average number of a family member is around 2.6, in this case fliers could reach more than 13,000 prospects.
Now, we are explaining (example of large quantity case.)
Average cost for B1 size inserted flier is from 13 to 20 yen.
When we promote opening campaign for a big department store, we sometimes use over 5 hundred-thousand fliers for the promotion. It costs 6.5 million-yen (500,000 by 13 makes 6,500,000).
And in this case, we can even reach over one and three million prospects.

(2) Secondly advertisers can determine the areas for distribution. (Or,it starts with determination of areas.)
It is a network of newspaper-selling agents that becomes a core of media for inserted flier advertising. As a result, advertisers can make an approach with focused target by precisely selecting newspaper-selling agents according to a firm marketing with targeted business areas.

(3) Thirdly, the date of distribution is clear.
Naturally, advertiser can determine the date of distribution beforehand and appeal the targeted advertisement to coincide with sales, for example.

(4) fourthly, advertisers can select customers.
As you know, there are many newspaper in Japan. In addition to the difference among readers of nationwide-circulation newspapers, local newspapers and trade journals, even major nationwide-circulation newspapers have a different kind of readers.

By fully investigating such differences and by also selecting appropriate newspapers, advertisers can appeal their advertisement with less misdirection.

(5) Fifthly, advertisers can have a wide selection of size for advertisement.
As we described earlier, today's inserted flier has a trend of becoming bigger in size, but the fact that advertisers can freely choose the size to satisfy the contents of advertisement (if the size is less than B1 size) is one of the attractive points of inserted flier advertising if it is compared with DM in which fliers have to be folded in a small size to fit to the regular-size envelopes.

(6) Sixthly , advertisement can be produced in a short period of time.
As far as "chirashi" advertising is concerned, the period from planning, production, to delivery is very short in comparison with other forms of advertisement. Sometimes we complete our work, (from production to delivery) in one week.
Even an advertising plan with a very short notice can be accommodated and it is also possible to make a revision in printing in halfway even if preparations of commodities or their price setting are not determined until the very last time.

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