8. Researches for setting client's target trade area

Now, We would like to mention some details about four researches that are conducted in order to decide the areas and number of fliers to be distributed. In other words, these are researches to make a clean view of each area's characteristics.
They are

(1) Geographical research
(2) Consumer characteristic research
(3) Competition research, and
(4) Customer research

(1). Geographical research
Objectives of Geographical Research is to get data on each area's feature in geography, demography, structure, mobility, climate, culture, etc. for determination of a target market area.

Geographical Research regarding Population and Households are
(a) number of population and households
(b) population in segmented classes
(c) spread of the population
(d) population density
(e) out and inflow of population.

Geographical Research regarding industrial structure and commercial structure are
(a) industrial characteristics
(b) employment structure
(c) Size and lineup of commerce.

Geographical Research regarding traffic condition are
(a) location of traffic network
(b) traffic and transportation volume
(c) frequency of traffic
(d) time and distance in traffic access
(e) commuting area
(f) future plan of traffic system

Geographical Research regarding urban communities and commercial accumulation and stores are
(a) main and sub commercial strong points
(b) commercial accumulation and its distribution
(c) location factors in drawing customers
(d) interurban relationships in drawing customers

Geographical Research regarding natural features and culture are
(a) climate that means temperature, humidity, numbers of fine day and rain day, so on.
(b) geological features
(c) people's character and disposition
(d) regional features in preference

Geographical Research regarding aspect of the city is
(a) scene
(b) atmosphere
(c) prosperity
(d) aspects by day and time segment
(e) character of the city

(2). Consumer Characteristic Research
Objective of consumer characteristic research is to get data on consumer characteristics in the target market area for precise area marketing strategy.
Consumer characteristic research regarding attributes are
(a) demographic factors
(b) social factors
(c) market factors
(d) psychographic factors
(e) living environment factors

Consumer characteristic research regarding household economy are
(a) household income
(b) income lineup
(c) tendency of expense
(d) tendency of savings

Consumer characteristic research regarding life style are
(a) living space
(b) features in food, clothing and shelter
(c) time schedule
(d) goal and activities
(e) habit and custom
(f) life feeling
(g) attitude towards information
(h)@social relationship
(i)@family relationship
(j)@leisure time activities

Consumer characteristic research regarding purchase behavior are
(a) place of purchase
(b) price range
(c) quantity
(d) frequency
(e) type of payment
(f) seasonal factors and time factors
(g) shopping habit and tendency
(h) preference for shopping
(i) expectancy factors

(3). Competition Research
Objective of Competition Research is to get data on competitors' strategies and tactics in the area for mapping out a counter strategy against the competitors.
Competition Research regarding competitors are
(a) direct and indirect competitors
(b) business status
(c) precedence in the area
(d) rootage and steadiness in the area
(e) store location distribution
(f) store location strategy
(g) target's attitude towards competitors
(h) profiles
(i) management resources
(j) management system

Competition Research regarding competitive factors are
(a) physical and functional factors
(b) human resource factors
(c) service item factors
(d) quality factors
Also, as a competition research, we usually need to know attitudes of regional merchants.

(4). Customer Research
Objective of customer research is to get data on customers who actually visited the store for evaluation of the plan.
Customer Research regarding customers are
(a) place of residence
(b) purpose of visiting the store
(c) frequency of visiting the store
(d) traffic access to the store
(e) time required
(f) attributes

Customer Research regarding customer satisfaction are
(a) facilities such as function, size, layout, shape, grade, comfortableness,
@@flexibility, and convenience.
(b) merchandise such as range of selection, price range, originality,
@@entertainment, safety, and innovativeness.
(c) service is also rather important subject that we have to research as a
@@customer research.

Customer Research regarding image and evaluation are
(a) brand/store image
(b) brand/store evaluation

Customer Research regarding brand/store benefit are
(a) physical benefit
(b) functional benefit
(c) relational benefit
(d) evaluational benefit
(e) sensible benefit
(f) emotional benefit

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